Babysitting The Bell | Andy + Gretel

Gretel sat awkwardly on the lounge in the bookshop, knees together and hands in her lap as she listened to the slow tick of clocks around the shop. Why did Belle have so many, she wondered all of a sudden, it was as if the ticking as mocking her. Myra stared back at her, waiting for something to do she supposed and Gretel had only bought herself a book and some lunch for the two of them.

"Um… perhaps you want to get your toys out? Have you got any new ones that I could see?" She asked and Myra quickly went upstairs to get them, bringing them down and dumping them at Gretel’s feet. She let Myra play for a while with her, making all the voices and planning all the stories, but after a while she grew tired of pretend. Gretel stood up and smoothed out her dress, taking a big step over the mess of toys and scanning all of the shelves for something interesting to read. Belle had everything, surely there would be something quirky and new. 

However she glanced over and something shimmery and gold caught her eye by the window. She frowned, double-taking and wandering over to it. “How odd.” She frowned, bending down to examine the bell as it sat on it’s side. Wasn’t it supposed to be hanging up by the door? She knew something had been off when she’d entered.

But then, out of nowhere, little eyes blinked up out of the bell and Gretel jerked her head back. “Oh my!” The bell’s eyes rolled around and then out popped two little legs, throwing itself off it’s back and into standing. It peered up at her, tilting itself as if cocking it’s head to the side. Gretel leaned slowly back down to look at it but it’s eyes shot to the side, out of the window and that’s when the most peculier part happened.

Suddenly, the bell screamed and Gretel screamed in alarm to it, stumbling backwards as the bell kept going. It stared out of the window as the front door opened and Gretel looked towards it, seeing a familiar face enter. However her eyes were wide and her hand was plastered over her head, back up against the bookshelf as her eyes flicked between Andy the newcomer and the screaming bell.

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